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    • 4.20-Carat-Natural-Blue-Sapphire-Sri-Lanka-Cylon---Neelam
    •  35,000.00
      Weight: 4.20 Carat Planet Name: Saturn Suitable for: best for people of Capricorn (Makar) & Aquarius (Kumbha). Rate: 13500 per Carat Advantage: Blue Sapphire clears infections and wards of all negative energies. It is also considered to be anti tumor and anti fat and helps in reducing therapy, strengthens bones and helps calms nerves and emotions. If blue sapphire suits the wearer it removes his poverty and gives the wearer almost everything a man could desire namely, health, wealth, longevity, happiness, prosperity, name and fame. Source: The sources of Blue Sapphires are Kashmir, Salem, Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Cambodia, U.S.A and Africa
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