Yellow Sapphire-Pukhraj

  • 4.90 carat Natural Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj (Sri Lanka)4.90 carat Natural Yellow Sapphire Pukhraj (Sri Lanka)

    Weight: 4.90 Carat

    Planet Name: Jupiter

    Suitable for: best for people of Sagittarius zodiac sign (Dhanu Rashi) and Pieces (Meena Rashi).

    Advantage: Pukhraj helps in fields such as teaching, politics, business and others.if you need success in any business, wearing Pukhraj can help. This is one of the most widely used gemstone to help achieve better financial status. It cures chicken pox, measles, mumps, tonsillitis, whooping cough, eye inflammations, headaches, toothaches, itches on skin, menstruation pain and also strengthen the body’s immune system overall. Yellow Sapphire denotes righteousness, piety and truthfulness. It gives life security, protects one from poverty, and removes adversity, misfortune and melancholy. The wearer may expect wealth, good health, name, honor and fame if the gem suits him or her. It is also believed that if there are obstructions in finding a suitable match for a girl, she gets married early by wearing a yellow sapphire.

    Source: Ceylon mines in Sri Lanka